Kymenlaakso College - School of Happiness

Kymenlaakso College, internationally recognized as a Folk High School or Regional Civic College, is a distinguished institution for Liberal Arts Education. We specialize in visual arts and Finnish language studies.

Our college motto is ”Know yourself – Nosce te ipsum” in Latin, emphasizing the importance of self-discovery and personal growth.

Experience Serenity at Our Waterside Campuses

Immerse yourself in the serene landscapes of Kymenlaakso County with Kymenlaakson Opisto’s two picturesque campuses in Southeast Finland. One is nestled in Inkeroinen, Kouvola, along the banks of the Kymi River, while the other graces the enchanting Poitsila Manor House in Hamina, overlooking the Eastern Gulf of Finland.

Our educational philosophy is grounded in the rich traditions of Folk High School, with a focus on Visual Arts and Finnish Language Courses. Explore a variety of art courses, including Visual Arts,  Game Design, Photography, and Cartoons and illustration, all taught in Finnish at our Inkeroinen campus. For those seeking flexibility, we offer online and distance learning options for selected subjects.

Language centers in Hamina and Kouvola provide Finnish courses for foreigners at different proficiency levels, catering to integration training for immigrants or individuals already residing and working in the region.

Each year, Kymenlaakson Opisto guides over 200 full-time students, including young individuals preparing for higher education entrance exams or embarking on careers in the Visual Art field, and Finnish language learners. Our courses cater not only to the youth but also to adults eager to explore new interests or plan for the future.

Courses, ranging from a term to a year, may involve a fee, with residents eligible to apply for government-supported study grants. For details on student enrollments, courses, evening classes, or fees, please get in touch with us.

Embrace Lifelong Learning as a Community

Beyond formal education, Kymenlaakson Opisto opens its doors to Community Learning Courses during the term. Available to participants of all ages, these courses cover a spectrum of interests, from pottery, woodwork, and language studies to yoga, weaving, music, and more. With approximately 1,800 participants annually, these classes foster a sense of community and lifelong learning.

Unlock the Beauty of Finland with Your Next Summer Camp

Looking for a unique summer camping experience? Our  campus in Kouvola is available for hire from June to July. Tailor your summer camp to meet specific needs and create lasting memories amidst the enchanting Finnish summer.

For more information and bookings, reach out to us at or call our office at +358 50 771 8530 (press 1), Monday to Thursday, 9 am to 2 pm (GMT: +03:00).

Welcome to Happy Finland – (the world’s happiest country for a seventh successive year in the World Happiness Report, 3/24).

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Updated  22.4.2024. Disclaimer: Kymenlaakson Opisto reserves the right to change.

Panoraama: Inkeroinen, Kymijoki. Kari Kuukka 2022.

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