Kymenlaakson Opisto - School of Happiness

Kymenlaakson Opisto is a Liberal Arts Educator specializing in the arts of the visual field, also internationally known as Folk High School or Regional Civic College. The school’s aim is to be the happiest school in Finland.

There are two campuses, which are located in semi-rural parts of Kymenlaakso county in southeast Finland. One in Inkeroinen on the banks of the Kymijoki River, and the other in Hamina, a charming Poitsila Manor House by the Eastern Gulf of Finland, on the Baltic Sea.

Education is based on the methods of Folk High School and its traditions. School specialise in Visual Arts subjects & Communication studies, Finnish language courses, Wellness courses and Spirituality Retreats.

There is a wide range of art courses to choose from; Visual Arts, Visual Communication, XR & Game Design, Photography, Cartoons and Illustration. These courses are based on the Inkeroinen campus and taught in Finnish only. Online and Distant Learning is available subject to status.

Language centres are situated in Hamina and Kouvola and offer Finnish for foreigners -courses at many levels. These are suitable, for example as integration training for immigrants, or people who already work here. 

Kymenlaakson Opisto educates approximately 180 full-time students each year. Most of the students are young people who are preparing for entrance exams in higher education such as Universities or wish to pursue a career in the Visual Art field. In addition to young students, many adults take courses to take a break from work or to look for something new for the future or retirement.

The duration of the course is six months or a year. The studies are subject to a course fee and residents may apply for a government-supported study grant.


Term-time day and evening classes are also available at Kymenlaakson Opisto as it offers Community Learning Courses to all ages. Participants are able to pursue things of individual interest or subjects in various short courses. For example pottery, language studies, yoga and other exercises, weaving, cooking, music & art etc. These courses usually take place during term time only, once per week basis. Community Learning classes have approximately 2,000 participants each year. 

Welcome to Finland, the land of the happiest of people. Come and have an unforgettable time, here at KYME. 

More information on student enrollments, courses, evening classes or fees – on request.

Panoraama: Inkeroinen, Kymijoki. Kari Kuukka.

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